St Alban's, Hamlyn Heights, Geelong -

Service Times

8:30am (Traditional Communion)
10am Contemporary family service with kids Church and Creche

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Christian Family Church

277 Church Street
Herne Hill 3215
Phone: 5278 5803


1. 80% of Sunday attendance actively and visibly participating in small group bible studies, triplets or pairs.

2. 65% of Sunday attendance actively and visibly involved in a service team.

a. We will identify and celebrate the contribution of those who serve through adversity.

b. We will promote the creative inclusion of all church members, no matter what stage of life, in Christian service.

3. 50% of Sunday attendance will have committed to formal membership of the St Albans Mission Team (Membership Classes, Signed Covenants, and Yearly Renewed).

4. 20% of Sunday attendance will have been Christians for less than five years.

5. All Mission Team members will have been trained and will be receiving ongoing training in personal evangelism and will be encouraged to put it into practice.

6. Every mission team member, including paid staff, will commit to spend 2 hours per week, intentionally developing relationships with non-Christian/unchurched people, with the intent of sharing the gospel in friendship evangelism.

7. We will have a coordinated program of prayer for the fulfilment of our mission, values, vision and goals.

8. There will be quarterly opportunities to invite unchurched people to outreach services in which they will have an opportunity to respond to the gospel (Christmas, Easter, Back to Church Sunday and one other?).

9. We will have started a program of outreach targeted at pre-school families.

10. We will maintain an, age targeted, Sunday children's program with a sustainable number of teachers.

11. We will maintain a Youth Group Bible study.

12. 150 will be regularly attending our Sunday worship. 40 traditional, 110 contemporary.

13. We will have an additional paid staff member.

14. We will have sent at least one group of over 50 year olds and one group of under 50 year olds from our church on a short term cross cultural mission trip.


The responsibility for the implementation of strategies for achieving our vision and goals will be with the Vicar, Wardens and Vestry. They will be assisted by teams working in the following key ministry areas.

1. Prayer

2. Bible Study Groups / Pastoral Care

a. Youth Group

3. Training (including membership)

4. Kids Church

5. Communication and Advertising

6. Outreach Programs

7. Service Teams